Blackjack Insurance Explained

Blackjack Insurance Explained

You are surely starting to get to know the blackjack online casino game well. You should know that it is one of the casino games that turn out to be among the most profitable. In order to become a true champion of the famous game, we advise you to master the different strategies to win the jackpot.

Among the actions to be implemented, there is the possibility of taking out blackjack insurance or not. But what exactly is blackjack insurance? We detail one of the essential points by providing you with some answers in this article.

The term “blackjack insurance” designates a paid option which allows the player to be immune in the event of a win by the dealer, and more particularly in the event of an Ace-Jack hand, which is the highest hand. This option is nevertheless profitable in the sense that the player will have to invest half of his initial bet to contract the blackjack insurance bet.

To know how blackjack insurance works, let’s take a look the following analyse and understand the rules:

  • The player should absolutely not take insurance in blackjack at any time. Indeed, he must use this option only when there is danger, for example when the croupier draws a Jack or an Ace.
  • To notify the dealer that he chooses to take the insurance, the player must pay the bank half of his stake. Insurance therefore has a relatively high cost.
  • From the moment the croupier makes blackjack, the player loses her initial bet, but the value of her insurance is however immediately refunded. In the end, the player does not win anything but does not lose anything either.
  • When the dealer does not score 21 and the player wins the game, the latter then loses the amount she had invested in insurance, but nevertheless pockets her initial bet.
  • When the croupier does not make blackjack again and the player loses the shot, the latter then loses the insurance and her stake. This is the worst-case scenario since she indeed loses everything she has deposited on the blackjack table.

Moreover, if you are not yet sure whether you have the capacity to play blackjack insurance, we recommend that you play blackjack online for free, using the fun mode or the demo mode of a website.

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