Blackjack: Split Option

Blackjack: Split Option

There are extra blackjack rules that are useful to know when you play at the online casino. The standard rules of the game are well known to most players and can be learned quickly as a beginner.

Just think about the value of the card, as well as the ability to play with the first hand blackjack to score. The additional blackjack rules are related to several choices you can make as a player, such as split and double.

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Extra blackjack rules: split

One of the blackjack extras the rules pertain to is division. In addition, as a player, you have the option of playing a double game with two of the same cards.

Suppose you have two dozen, then you can divide according to the rules of the game. Then you play the game with a ten and the other ten. In addition, you first receive a card for a game and simply have the option to stay on top of it or take another card. As soon as you pass or have a lot of points and are over 21, you start the game with the next ten.

Please note that the extra blackjack division rules require you to place the original bet again. This makes sense, because when you split you play two games. Incidentally, there is an option that you have a chance to split again.

Suppose you receive ten more in the first ten as the next card. In that case, it is possible to split again. If you get two aces in the first hand, they can also be split, but with a restriction. You will then only receive a single card, so you may happen to get another ace and then the total points for that hand are only 12 points.

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