Casino Roulette Game for Real Money

Casino Roulette Game for Real Money

Never gambled online before? Online roulette is certainly a good and reliable introduction!  Roulette is one of the most popular casino games and you will find it available at all good online casinos.

The game is currently only available for real money, there is no free option yet. Under the guidance of a professional dealer you play via a live connection at a real gaming table. Thanks to the HD image quality, you can enjoy perhaps the most sensational gambling game online.

There are two types of roulette games. The American roulette wheels contains 38 numbers, having two zeros, gives the house a 5.26% advantage. Meanwhile the European roulette wheels contains 37 numbers, having a zero, gives the house a 2.70 advantage.

The rules of European roulette are easy to understand. If you have mastered the basic rules of European roulette, you can get started with it anywhere. However, some players do not yet dare to try the multiplayer version of the European roulette, while the rules are just the same.

Game Rules

Roulette is basically a simple casino game. It is the famous wheel with numbers, a ball and a gaming table on which you can place your bet. The outcome of a game of roulette depends on where the ball remains still, after the croupier has turned the wheel and let the ball pick a box. If you have correctly predicted where the ball will fall, you win a multiple of your bet.

The following are main betting options for the roulette game:

– Betting on a single number. With a correct prediction you win 36 times the bet.

– Betting on a color (red or black). If you are correct, you double your bet.

– Betting on a dozen (12 numbers). A correct prediction gives you a tripling of your investment.

Roulette is a classic game that you can play at every online casino. If you want to play online, then check out the 90Agency’s best roulette sites for 2020.

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