Does Your Position at the Blackjack Table Improve Your Chances of Winning?

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Some people think that their position at the blackjack table affects their chances of winning. But is that also the case and how does it work? Now it’s time to take a look at the extent to which your place at the blackjack table affects your game in the real casino or in the online casino.

The truth is unfortunately different. Your position at the blackjack table doesn’t matter to your odds. In blackjack, the chances of winning are largely determined by the cards you get.

You can then optimize your chances through a good blackjack strategy. This ensures that you ask for an extra card, pass, split or double down at the right times. But because you play against the dealer and not other players, it doesn’t matter where you sit at all.

When Counting Cards, the Blackjack Table Layout Matters

There is an exception to that rule, but it is mostly theoretical today because if you seriously count cards, it is better if you sit at the back. In that case you can see as much as possible which cards have disappeared from the game.

Card counting is based on the principle that the player’s odds improve when there are still relatively many high cards in play. The more cards have already been counted when it is your turn, the better you can estimate your chances.

However, nowadays many decks are played and the cards are shuffled more often, which means that counting cards usually has no use anymore. And in the online casino that is completely the case because with a Random Number Generator (RNG) is being worked. Basically, each round starts with a freshly shuffled deck of cards.

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