Online Casino Loyalty Rewards for Singaporean Players

Rewards for Singaporean Players

Online casinos offer great incentives for new players and online casinos do everything to publish these incentives so that as many potential players are aware of them as possible. The incentives are usually in the form of welcome bonuses that receive thousands of dollars.

Unfortunately, the incentives offered to regular players are not so well publicised. Players must look for them in the promotional section of online casinos. There are two types of incentives offered to regular players. One of them is reload bonuses and the other is the loyalty reward.

Reload bonuses are not offered by all online casinos. Some casinos only offer them occasionally. When offered, they are much smaller than the welcome bonuses offered to new players. Therefore, the incentives to look forward to when it comes to existing players are the loyalty reward.

Although the loyalty rewards differ in detail from online casino to online casino, their basic structure remains the same. For every dollar wagered at an online casino, the player receives loyalty rewards.

For games like online slots, more loyalty rewards are offered per dollar wagered as these games have a higher house edge.

For casino games like blackjack, fewer loyalty rewards are offered per dollar wagered because these games have a lower house edge. As players wager, they collect more and more loyalty rewards.

Online casinos then allow players to convert loyalty rewards into casino credits that can be used for betting. Some online casinos allow players to use their rewards for entry fees to online tournaments. There are still other online casinos that sell their own goods.

Loyalty rewards can also be used to purchase those items that have the casinos logo. Usually the loyalty rewards are redeemed automatically.

Loyalty rewards are also used to categorize online players into VIP levels. The more comp points that a player earns during a certain period, the more loyal he has been at the online casino. Therefore, the player is placed at a higher VIP level. Because he is at a higher VIP level, he earns greater rewards from the online casino.


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