Over/Under in Sports Betting

Over/Under in Sports Betting

As long as an odds side puts a line on something, you can bet on it. Goals in a match for both teams (total number of goals) are probably the most common games.

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To get higher odds, you can look at other options such as goals/points by an individual player in a team sport or number of goals by an individual team.

To form an opinion about the possibilities, you as a player need to check injuries or suspensions in the various teams, how the teams have played the last matches and also what it has looked like when the two have met recently.

A good statistics page can give you everything you need – and a little more. It is of absolutely no interest to look at how a meeting between two teams ended ten years ago. Not five years ago either, and hardly even two years ago. A maximum of one season back in time is enough.

In today’s modern sport, regardless of sport, too much happens in the player market for statistics to be relevant several years ago.

Playing over/under on individual players can, as we said, give a little better payout, but it also makes a little more demands.

How is the player’s form? What is he up against? If the player in question plays in a good team that faces a worse one, he will probably get his chances, but at the same time there is a risk that the worse team will go back home and cover areas that the player might have been able to use against better opposition.

If you are going to play points games in other sports (ice hockey, football, or basketball for example) it is a little different as the game waves back and forth in a different way.

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