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Tbsbet Casino Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a unique casino game with a number of important rules. The dice game is offered in the Tbsbet Malaysia and Singapore by a number of casinos, and a large number of online casinos have now added the game to the game range. At Sic Bo you bet on the total number of eyes that fall on the table, and that is not that easy.

The game board from Sic Bo can cause some confusion in the beginning. It is therefore important that you carefully read all the rules of Sic Bo and fully understand them. Of course you learn best while playing, and as a preliminary to this, we have listed the rules on the page and explain everything about how you play Sic Bo.

If you look at the Tbsbet Sic Bo game board it can be difficult to immediately understand how it works. The game board is made up of different boxes with numbers and words. This makes it seem very confusing to play the game. The big numbers and big words are a bit overwhelming in advance, but as you understand the rules better and better, Sic Bo is actually a very easy game.

The middle row of the game board contains all the numbers that you can bet on. This row goes from 4 to 17. This makes sense, because Sic Bo is played with 3 dice. It is possible to bet on specific numbers, which are equal to the number of eyes on the dice. But you can also bet on a very specific outcome. Think of 2 dice with one eye. If you correctly predict the specific outcome, you will win considerably more than if you bet on a number.

Each number has a different payout. For example, numbers such as 17 are less common than numbers such as 12, so a higher payout is attached to this. In the end, everything is of course dependent on luck and chance, and yet it has been decided for the Sic Bo game board to attach a different payout to each outcome. It is important to know what these payouts are before you start playing, and luckily the Sic Bo game board is equipped with payouts with every outcome.

This game board is used in both physical and online casinos. Once you are used to the variant of the online casino, it is therefore very easy to actually play the game in real life. The rules work the same, the game board is laid out the same and the payouts will also match exactly.

Sic Bo is suitable for anyone who likes to take a chance, and thanks to the variety of betting options, it is always an exciting game at tbsbet.

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