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Play Real Money Keno

Online Keno is an originally Chinese game, which is currently very popular all over the world. It is a so-called drawing game, in which 20 numbers are drawn from a total of 80 numbers.

The winning you make when playing the casino game depends on the number of correctly predicted numbers and the bet you have placed. And because there are also several variants of Keno and each variant of the casino game has different rules, your profit also depends on the variant of the casino game you play.

Before the game starts, choose your bet and bet level. When you have done this, you choose from the 80 numbers of the casino game one to fifteen numbers that you think will fall.

If you have chosen numbers, the draw will take place. 20 numbers will now be drawn, checking whether these numbers match the numbers you selected before the start of the game. Do many of the numbers match the numbers you predicted? Then you make a winning.

The numbers that you predict correctly are called ‘hits’. The more hits you have, the higher your winning. For example, when paying out hits, the following payout ratio applies:

– 4 hits: payout of 1: 1.

– 5 hits: payout of 1.5: 1.

– 6 hits: payout of 2: 1.

– 7 hits: payout of 4: 1.

– 8 hits: payout of 10: 1.

– 9 hits: payout of 25: 1.

– 10 hits: payout of 50: 1.

– 11 hits: payout of 500: 1.

– 12 hits: payout of 1500: 1.

– 13 hits: payout of 3000: 1.

– 14 hits: payout of 4000: 1.

– 15 hits: payout of 5000: 1.

With this variant of online Keno it is assumed that you will not make a winning with 1 hit, 2 hits and 3 hits. However, this is the case with some variants of the casino game. Therefore, always check the payout ratio of the game you want to play so you know where you stand.

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