Reasons Why You Might Not Be Able to Withdraw Your Winnings at a Casino

Winnings at a Casino

Are you one of those people who can not withdraw your money after winning at an online casino? This is quite common and can be due to different things and it is often easier to read than you might think.

We will go through a bunch of common reasons why you can not withdraw your money. You can see this as a bit of a checklist before withdrawing your money.

Is your account verified?

Sometimes unsuccessful withdrawals can be due to the fact that you have not verified your account, this is less common now when you log in via BankID in Singapore casinos.

Are all your information correct?

Sometimes it can be so simple that you have entered the wrong information when requesting your withdrawal. As a rule, always double-check your information before withdrawing the money. It’s nice when the problem is solved more easily than you might have thought.

Do you have an active bonus in your account?

A very common and common reason for a withdrawal being denied is because you have a bonus active in your account. It is very common for a new player to receive a welcome bonus when playing for the first time. The bonus usually gives a certain bonus money to play for.

The money often needs to be turned over a certain number of times before you can withdraw it. A standard wagering requirement is 35x at the casino. So always go into your bonuses before requesting withdrawals to see that you have no active.

Have you followed the rules and conditions of your bonus?

As we said, it is common to take a welcome bonus when playing at a new casino. Bonuses have different rules and conditions when you sell them. It is suggested that there is often a maximum bet when playing on slot machines.

So if you have played spins for more than what is okay, it does not mean that the bonus is canceled immediately, but it can only be noticed when you request the withdrawal and thus it is denied because you have not followed the rules.

Do you follow max and my withdrawal?

Most casinos have rules for how much and how little you can withdraw partly per withdrawal but also per day if it is a larger amount. It can also differ between the different methods.

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