Singapore Tbsbet: Do I Have to Split Two Eights in Blackjack?

Do I Have to Split Two Eights in Blackjack?

There is no casino that is priced that does not play Blackjack. This game of chance is a favourite around the world because of its excitement, intrigue, and simplicity.

In online casinos, it is usually wise to split two eights with Blackjack. If you get two eights in Blackjack, you have 16 points. However, it is not a best hand, actually the worst you can get.

If you split, you start over twice with an eight, not very good, but certainly not bad either. If the bank has a two to a seven open, then with your eight you have a more than 50% chance of winning the hand.

But, you may be wondering, if the dealer has a ten or an Ace, shouldn’t I take a card instead of splitting? If I split, I bet twice as much, while the bank has a good chance of winning. It feels crazy, but most Blackjack games in online casinos also have a better split against a ten or Ace.

If you make a computer simulation of thousands of games in which you get two eights, it turns out that if you take a card, you lose an average of 52 dollars for every hundred dollars you bet. If you split, you lose 43 dollars for every hundred dollars you bet. Sad too, but a little less sad.

Face it: two eights is a bad hand on which you usually lose. The only thing you can do is minimize your loss. And in this case you have to make extra efforts. In the long term, you will be better off.

Now that you know everything about Blackjack and and split two eights, you can put it into practice at Tbsbet, the best online casino in Singapore.

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