The Variants of Online Roulette Games

Online Roulette Games

The appearance of online casinos has resulted in fierce competition between different software companies to produce as many variants of roulette as possible.

Here is the reason why modern online casinos are literally overwhelmed by countless variations of classic roulette. Among the most popular variants are:

The Mini Roulette

Mini roulette is very common in most Playtech casinos. This version is characterized by a lower number of numbers than the European and American variants. The cylinder is also smaller. This variant only has 13 numbers from 0 to 12. Although its rules are broadly identical to those of European Roulette, its house advantage nevertheless peaks at 7.89%!

Multiple Ball Roulette

If you are tired of playing roulette in its classic form, multi-ball roulette will be enough to cheer you up a bit. As the name suggests, the game is played using several balls. If some versions use 2 or 3, others use up to 10. The table and the cylinder are identical to those of European roulette. And since this game has only one 0, the house advantage is only 2.7%.

3D Roulette

3D roulette is a version developed by Playtech. At first glance, the game has all the characteristics of European Roulette. It has a single 0 and obeys the same general rules. The only difference: it is playable in 3D. In fact, the graphics are significantly improved.

Royal Roulette

Royale Roulette is a progressive online roulette game that gives players the opportunity to get even bigger payouts than they would be on the regular game. The cylinder is comparable to that of American Roulette. What makes it original? The possibility of placing a side bet to win a progressive jackpot!

Pinball Roulette

This is an even more delusional variant of roulette. The table format is identical to that of European roulette. However, unlike all other versions, there is no cylinder in which to insert the ball.

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