Why an Online Casino Blocks Your Account

Online Casino Blocks Your Account

Your online gambling establishment is closing your casino account, and you don’t even know why. You have also taken some time to realize that your customer account is indeed closed. Yet you thought you have made the right resolutions.  Don’t panic, we have the solutions to unblock the situation.

Popular Reasons for Blocked Casino Account

Before you even try to contact customer service to let people know your dissatisfaction, already try to determine the causes of the blockage. Overall, these causes can be linked to 5 main elements:

  • Multiple incorrect attempts: if you enter incorrect identifiers (email and / or password) several times when logging into your player account, the casino may block your account for security reasons.
  •  Document verification issues: If you have made a withdrawal request and have not yet provided supporting documents, then the casino may temporarily suspend your account until you resolve the issue.
  • Non-compliance with terms and conditions of use: Many players do not take the time to read the terms of use imposed by the casino they are playing at. Unfortunately, certain prohibitions are clearly mentioned there which can lead to a blocking of the player account.
  • Duplicate accounts: as a player you are only allowed to open one account per casino. If you override this restriction, be aware that the casino can find out during a withdrawal procedure or by verifying your IP address. Your two accounts may then simply be blocked.
  •  Fraudulent activity / provision of incorrect information: If you provide false information or if the casino detects fraudulent activity in your games, your account will be systematically blocked.

You no longer wish to play on a site where you have opened an account? Do you want to close your casino account? Some casinos offer you the possibility of closing a casino account permanently or temporarily via a feature accessible directly in the personal area.


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